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About Us

About Nyazi Tours

Ahlan Wa Sahlan means Welcome! This is what we extend to our guests in Jordan. Nyazi Tours was founded and is privately owned and managed by Nyazi Shaba’an. We are a family here at Nyazi Tours. We work together under the very caring and watchful eye of Nyazi himself to make your visit to our country an unforgettable experience.

Nyazi got a Bachelor Degree in Archaeology at the University of Jordan and became the Director of Antiquities and Tourism in Petra for 14 years.

As a leader in the field of archaeology and tourism in Jordan, he now wants to share his knowledge, his love of people, history, nature and adventure with you. As an experienced trekker, environmentalist and Bedouin, he offers you the beauty of the Jordan he loves so much. Not just another travel package but the experience of a lifetime.

At Nyazi Tours, you come first. We can design a tour that suits your interests, your style of travel and your budget, custom-made just for you and with Nyazi Tours there is not a boring moment. Our goal is to help you escape into a new world and come face to face with nature.

Let Nyazi Tours be your guide. We know how to make you feel comfortable and special. Truly, this is the spirit of Jordanian hospitality; making visitors feel special – because all visitors occupy a special position in our hearts.

We do things informally, differently, and with total dedication. To us you are not just a tourist but an honored guest and a new found friend.

Our welcome to friends from other countries, is as old as human travel itself. We want you to meet people and to make new friends. And when you leave, you take a piece of Jordan with you in your heart, with love.

Our mission is sustainable tourism. Here in Nyazi Tours we focus on community based tourism (CBT) and real local experience offering products which can support local families. We are also dedicated to reducing pollution and plastic litter and we hope you are too.

Taking a hike or jeep-tour or camel ride with our local guide, you are assured to get absolutely genuine contact with locals who will gladly share their deep knowledge and rich experience with you! In turn, you support their families supplying their living needs in the villages located far from the cities.

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Why Nyazi Tours

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a reliable partner among the leading tour companies in Jordan.

We are a well known tour operator in the sector of tourism in Jordan, that forms a candle and a twinkling star that lightens the way of tourists to discover the marvelous ancient heritage of Jordan, started serving travelers since 1995.

From that time, Nyazi Tours is well known for it’s distinctive and well organized tours. With Nyazi Tours you can experience every aspect of Bedouins’ life in the vast desert, you can live the moment of discovery and adventure which gives you the opportunity to fly with your imagination, to sense the magnitude of the Nabateans and Romans to share with them the beauty and the significance of the ancient heritage they had built with their strong hands and still standing defiantly with honor, facing the centuries silently, speaking for their glories.

Nyazi Tours shall be pleased to fulfill all your travel plans of varied purposes, starting from classic tours, family tours, adventure tours, pilgrimage tours, incentive programs, relaxation, M.I.C.E., and combined tours between Jordan, Israel, and Egypt. You can also practice your hobbies in Jordan with the help of our company such as trekking, hiking, snorkeling, camping, canyoning and diving.

Our professional team members are ready to fulfill every request and are dedicated to your comfort.

So, If you are looking for a well organized, professionally planned, and unforgettable once-in-a-life-time tour, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer your requests promptly.