Working hours

Nyazi Tours Amman - Jordan working hours:

Saturdays to Thursdays inclusive: From 9:00 am Until 5:00 pm Jordan Time

Fridays Office Closed

Nyazi Tours Offices are also closed during Pulic Holidays. Nevertheless, during holidays, Staff on Duty are available to assist you:

Fixed public holidays

  • New Year’s Day / Jan 1st
  • Labors Day / May 1st
  • Independence Day / May 25th
  • Christmas Day / Dec 25th

A number of public holidays are not fixed. These include Easter and the following Islamic Holidays, which are based on the Lunar calendar:

  • Eid al-Fitr - A 3 or 4-day feast marking the end of Ramadan.
  • Eid al-Adha - A 4 day feast at the end of the Hajj, or month of pilgrimage to Mecca.
  • First of Muharam - Islamic New Year.

Why Nyazi Tours

  • Accuracy
  • Availability
  • Commitment
  • Diversity
  • Knowledge
  • Passion
  • Reliability

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