About Petra Film

I think my story with  Camera  goes back to 1955  when I was born in one of the  caves by the main entrance of Petra , a World Wonder,  where every visitor had to see my cave… myself … & my donkey and take a photo of us.

 If you think Petra is a World Wonder, you will love what wonder we can do for your production as we offer wide range of production support service and logistics focusing on Petra and the South of Jordan (especially Wadi Rum Desert – the Moon Valley of Jordan, and Aqaba – the Red Sea Resort of Jordan)….

 From that early childhood I still remember my big smile to the Camera whenever my picture was taking, which became later my life’s Hobby.

 Since I was the first Archeologist & Director of Tourism in Petra in 1980-1995, I can tell you endless life story full of magic experience, as my work in Petra for 15 years  gave me useful  skills which can be helpful for film service. Moreover, smooth communication with the local community and having reliable contacts in Jordan can support to achieve our Vision to make Petra one of the World destinations for filming, in the same time providing the best service on realistic cost.

While filming of “Indiana Jones, The Last Crusader” by Steven Spielberg in Petra, I have learned from him for the first time in my life the real meaning of the word “Action”.

During the period of being in-charge of Petra, I was appointed by His late Majesty King Hussein to be the private guide for all the state visitors in Petra and due to this I have gained a big chance to meet and guide so many distinguished guests from all over the world, who came to visit Petra officially or private (Kings, Presidents, Princes & Princesses, Diplomatic, Movies’ Stars, Media, Businessmen & many others). It was unforgettable human experience!


Why Petra for filming?

As: it is one of the World Wonders, security & hospitality, Nature beauty and services availability. 

Nyazi Shaba’ an